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Méritos Académicos y Curriculum Vitae | ENGLISH: ACADEMIC MERITS | El Anciano Dependiente; Una Ley Francesa, La Realidad Nacional; Un Estudio Comparado | El Cuerpo del Anciano en el Psicoanálisis Actual | El Cuerpo del Demente | Hidatidosis | Iatrogenia del Saber Médico | Patología Ocular en el Anciano | Inmunidad, Mundo Interno y Narcisismo | La Depresion Normal en el Anciano Valorada a traves del Test de Rorschach | Maduras y Felices. Psicosomática del Climaterio | Psicometría Y Psicodiagnóstico en la Tercera Edad. | Psicosomática en Psicogeriatría | Los Judíos en Montevideo a lo largo del Siglo XX | Necesidad y Viabilidad de un Servicio de Psicogeriatría en la Dirección Nacional de Sanidad | Límite de Continencia del Anciano en su Hogar | Conviviendo con la Demencia | Enteógenos y Adicciones
David M.Karp Psicólogo Psicogerontologia Psicosomática


The undersigned, Psychologist David M. Karp, presents to you his Academic Merits. It is important to stress the fact that the different certificates detailed herein are available for you to consult at any time you consider necessary.

A1 Personal analysis conducted with Dr. Celia Porro de Pizzolanti - Formation Analyst (didact) from the Uruguayan Psychoanalytic Association.

A2 Title of Psychology Graduate, issued by the Psychology School of the University of the Republic of Uruguay.

A3 Founding Member of the S.U. de P. - Uruguayan Psychosomatic Association. Member of the Scientific Commission between 1993 and 1994.
General Secretary from 1995 to 1997.
A31Foundin Member of Psychogeriatric and Psychogerontologic South American Asociation

A4 First Prize winner in the competition held by the Armed Forces National Health Direction for the post of "Health Educator" in February, 1991.

A5 Clinics Hospital of the Medicine School "Dr. Manuel Quintela" supports his candidacy for a scholarship offered by the O.E.A ( American States Organisation): "Plans and Programs for the formation of Agents for Cultural development".

A6 Member of the Coordination Commission between the Armed Forces National Health Direction, the Public Health Ministry and the National Drug Council at the level of the Presidency of the Republic, for the prevention of Toxic Habits and Addictions.

A7 Invited by the Priority Area of Domestic Violence DI.PRO.SA (Sanitary Programs Direction; Public Health Ministry) to participate in the preparation prior to the "Meetings about the Juridical Frame for Prevention, Protection and Assistance in Family Violence" in the commission corresponding to "Violence against the Elderly Adult and Individuals with Permanent Abilities"

A7A Assisted as a consultant, to the writing of the "Special Draft Bill of the National System for the Prevention, Detection and Attention of Domestic Violence"(Sanitary Programs Direction; Public Health Ministry).

A8 The National Library acknowledges and grants author rights for the work titled "Psychoanalytic Psychosomatic Psychogerontology in the Elderly".

A9 The Museum of Jewish Diaspora Beth Hatefusot (Israel) acknowledges and files his work "Mortality Experience among the Jewish in Montevideo in the 20th. Century" as material for consultation and investigation.

A10 Publication in June, 1989 of his book "Psychogerontology: Psychoanalytic Psychosomatic of the Elderly" Roca Viva Publishing Company.

A11 Creator and designer of a computer program that, by means of a simple way to input data, allows for the analysis of emerging data related to the conservation of cognitive-intellectual abilities in the elderly, as well as the presence or absence of impairment, its differential diagnosis (homogeneous or non-homogeneous, sub-cortical or non sub-cortical), the presence or absence of depressive aspects, diagnosis of organic elements, location of the affected cerebral area; laterality (left or right). This program is currently undergoing the process of intellectual property registration.


Annual Prize of the Uruguayan Psychosomatic Society, 1994
"Accidents among the Elderly"

B1A Annual Prize awarded by the Armed Forces National Health Direction in the area of Public Health, 1999.
"Need and viability of a psychogeriatrics service at the Armed Forces National Health Direction."

Awarded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, in the "Artefamilia" contest, 1994 - "Social Distress in the Elderly"

- B31 Annual Award given by the Armed Forces National Health Direction, in the area of Medicine, "Analysis of the Voluntary Blood Donor's Profile for the implementation of a project in the Education Area"

- B32 Annual Prize awarded by the Armed Forces National Health Direction, in the area of Public Health, "Diagnosis, study and preliminary follow-up of the individual undergoing hydatid cyst surgery"

1- THIRD LEVEL COURSES (University Level )
1. ICEPSS - Studies and Social and Health Promotion Canarian Institute (Gran Canarias - Spain)
"Clinical and Psychosocial Intervention in the Elderly"

1 A - Golda Meir International Training Center, Monte Carmel Jaifa; Medicine School of the Republic of Uruguay:
Service Planning for the Third Age"

1-1 Humanities and Sciences School, University of the Republic of Uruguay
1-1-1 Philosophical Investigation Methodology
1-1-2 Logics I
1-1-3 Logics II
1-1-4 Epistemology

1- 2 Social Studies Institute of the University of the Republic of Uruguay
1-2-1 Further studies on Mathematics
1-2-2 Introduction to Sociology
1-2-3 Types of Societies
1-2-4 Social Institutions

1- 3 Law and Social Sciences School. University of the Republic of Uruguay
1-3-1 International Seminars on Quantitative Analysis Methods of Historical Data

1- 4 Improvement, Specialization and Postgraduate Unit at the Humanities and Education Sciences School, University of the Republic of Uruguay.
1-4-1 Some Theoretical Problems of Social Communication related to Education
1-4-2 Theatre Semiotics: Sign and Space in Theatrical Shows
1-4-3 Islamic Thought in the West - attendant.
1-4-4 Philogenetic basis for Human Behavior.

1- 5 Psychiatric Clinic of the Medicine School, University of the Republic of Uruguay.
1-5-1 Basic Elements about therapeutic communities.

1- 6 Mental Health Unit, Pasteur Hospital
1-6-1 Psychiatric emergencies.

1- 7 National Health Direction
1-7-1 Training Workshop on Libraries.
1-7-2 Second Introductory Course for Investigation Methodology
1-7-3 Course: Epi Info 6-0

1- 8 Uruguayan School of Psychoanalytical Psychosomatics
1-8-1 Psychotherapeutic Treatment for Patients with Organic Manifestations of Diseases.

1- 9 First Spanish Association for Mutual Assistance
1-9-1 Course on Dementia, its diagnosis and treatment
1-9-2 Course on Preventive Medicine and Administration
1-9-3 International Seminar on Drug Addiction
1-9-4 International Seminar on "Normal Aging, Depression, Dementia, Memory"

1- 10 Uruguayan Association of Geriatricians and Gerontologists
1-10-1 Updating Course on Geriatric subjects.

1- 11 6th APAL Regional Congress (Latin American Psychiatric Association)
1-11-1 Course: "Investigation in Psychotherapy"

1- 12 Uruguayan Psychosomatics Society
1-12-1 Course about Accidents.

1- 13 School of Medicine, Department of Geriatrics, Department of Physical Therapy, ben Gurion University, Israel.
"International Course: "Progressive Assistance in Geriatric Rehabilitation".

1- 14 Grenoble University, France. Social Gerontology Professorship. Gerontology Course.
1-14-1 "Aging from the Cell to the Society"
1-14-2 "Unitage course, 1998"
1-14-3 "Unitage course, 1999"

1- 15 Psychology School; Permanent Training Unit for Graduates:
"Altered and Alternative Consciousness States"

1- 16 Public Health Ministry - Mental Health Unit; INASAM;
"Seminars on Mental Health and Healthy Aging" "For some space in life".


2-1 Teaching activities
2-1-1 Geriatrics and Gerontology Professorship, Medicine School.
2-1-1-1 Taught courses to .post grade doctors about "Psychometric Assessment of Impairment in the Elderly"
2-1-1-2 Speaker in the "Course on Mental Health in Old Age for Specialists"
2-1-1-3 Taught a Course for "Voluntary Workers in the Attention of the Elderly", organized by the Red Cross and the Geriatrics Professorship.
2-1-1-3-1 First Course: 20-30 May, 1991
2-1-1-3-2 Second Course: 15-15 June, 1991
2-1-2 National Health Direction
2-1-2-1 "First Course for Health Education Auxiliaries" 1993
(Course focused on a higher level of "Nursing Auxiliaries" with an extension of over 100 hours)
2-1-2-2 "Second Course for Health Education Auxiliaries" 1994
2-1-2-3 "Third Course for Health Education Auxiliaries" 1995
2-1-2-4 "Fourth Course for Health Education Auxiliaries" 1996
2-1-2-5 "Fifth Course for Health Education Auxiliaries" 1998
2-1-2-4-2 "Sixth Course for Health Education Auxiliaries" 1999
2-1-2-5 "First Meetings on Adolescence and Mental Health for Instructors at "José Artigas" Military Highschool.


3-1 In charge of the section "Feeling and Aging" for the Supplement "The Golden Years", La República Journal, since 1994.
3-2 Invited or interviewed in radio and T.V. programs
3-3 "Are accidents truly accidents in the elderly?" Postdata journal, Nov.14, 1997.
3-4 "La Voz" journal, of the New Israelite Congregation.


4-1 Member of the Psychosomatic Unit, Psychiatry Professorship of the Clinics Hospital.
4-2 Member of the Geriatrics and Gerontology Professorship, Clinics Hospital. It is hereby stated that the posts to be held were HONORARY. In spite of this condition, the Regular Professors had to approve this assistance as such.
4-3 Teacher of the "Psychogerontology" course, Psychology School, Post Grade1998.


5-1 Mental Care in the Elderly, Primary Attention Guide.
Information manual for the general public, presenting the reader with the necessary elements to become something more than a passive observer of Mental Health in the Elderly.

5-2 Intra-familial abuse of the elderly.
Joint work of the Legal Medicine and Geriatrics Professorships.
Law and Family Uruguayan Journal Nº6. University Culture Foundation. This article studies the aspects characterizing intra-familial violence focused on the elderly in our environment.

5-3 Manual for the care of elderly with memory impairments, senile dementia.
Published by the Geriatrics Professorship and the BPS.
This paper focused on the general public and defines the necessary parameters for the care of the elderly showing some of these pathologies.

5-4 On Human Nature
Student monography recommended by the Psychogenetics Professorship as material to be consulted in the Psychology School Library. This monograph relates genetics aspects with the psychoanalytic theory, showing the global character of this theoretical frame.

5-5 Violence and the Elderly in Uruguay.
Law and family Journal Nº7. University Culture Foundation.
This article studies legal aspects in force (Civil and Penal Code), decrees, etc. ruling homes for the aged, etc. how they are applied or not, and how they cover socially accepted aspects that determine different shades of violence focused on the elderly in Uruguay.

5-6 Narcissism, immunity and the Inner World
Uruguayan Psychosomatics Annual Nº1. This article relates the psychoanalytical concept of "Narcissism" with immunity aspects within the psychosomatic point of view.

5-7 The Elderly's body in current psychoanalysis.
The archaic, temporality and history of A.P.U., September, 1995. This article defined the current problems of the elderly, from a psychosomatic standpoint by reading S. Freud's works.

5-8 Social Anguish in the Elderly (Essay)
"Multi Arte Familia" Ministry of Education and Culture - Montevideo, 1994.
This essay defines different aspects of the "Social Anguish in the Elderly" from a psychoanalytic standpoint, wherein various authors are quoted in that trend.

5-9 Intrafamilial Violence in the Elderly. Social Anguish.
Uruguayan Psychiatry Journal, year LX Nº333, August, 1996.
Violence within the familial group focused on the elderly is investigated as a function of the psychoanalytical frame of "Social Anguish". The way it is observed in clinical practice is presented together with a case shown from the psychosomatic standpoint.

5-10 Analysis of the profile of the voluntary blood donor, for the implementation of a project in the Education Area.
Journal of the Armed Forces National Health Direction, Vol. 17, 1994. Analysis of the voluntary blood donor profile, performed on a national basis over a population of 11,414, a randomized sample of 300 subjects studied with EPINFO5 program (WHO).

5-11 Diagnosis, study and preliminary follow-up of the behavior of subject undergoing hydatid cyst surgery, Uruguay, 1996.
Journal of the Armed Forces National Health Direction. Vol. 18, Nº1/2 year 1995/96.
Study about the behavior of patients undergoing hydatid cyst surgery based on data produced by a survey. The purpose is to ground a post-surgical education program at a national level.

5-12 Intra-familial violence in the elderly. Social anguish.
Uruguay Psychiatry Journal. LXI, Nº336, September, 1997. Study about the meaning of an accident in an old man -hip fracture- and the importance of psychological work in the recovery process.


5-13-1 Seminar about Psychogerontology
"The body of the elderly in current psychoanalysis"

5-13-2 Tiempo Journal
"AAMI: Aged Associated Memory Impairment - Associated psychological aspects" (Nº1)
"The sense of immunity" (Nº2)

5-13-3 Journal of the Armed Forces National Health Direction:
"Iatrogenics of Medical Knowledge"

5-13-4 "Drug related problems"
"I can't get no satisfaction and I try, and I try, and I try..."


6-1 Plan for the preparation of the Uruguayan elderly in his pre- and post-retirement stages.
Project prepared and presented by the Geriatrics and Gerontology Professorship at the Clinics Hospital, 1992 (Co-author).

6-2 Pre-retirement related conflicts.

6-3 Mature and happy! Climacterium psychosomatics.

6-4 Mortality experience among the Jewish population in the 20th. Century.

6-5 Continence limits within his home.

7-1 "Relaciones" Journal
7-1-1 University Psychology school looking for space. Details here Nº31 12/86
7-1-2 Politicians to the University Nº38 7/87
7-1-3 Aged people do exist too Nº40 9/87


8-1 From the word to the role - How we talk and experience the elderly.
Multi-disciplinary workshop supported by statistical data, where oral behavior of our population is studied, its implications, social effects and the conceptual handling at the level of our society, linked to the elderly.

8-2 Rorchach's test and the Third Age
Multi-disciplinary workshop about mental health in the elderly; September 10-13, 1990. It is the only work in the country intending to find elements to characterize the elderly according to the approach to this technique. This is performed in groups which are compared according to different impairment levels.

8-3 Confinement of the elderly.
Multi-disciplinary workshop about mental health in the elderly. December 10-13, 1990. Psychosocial aspects related to the confinement of the elderly.

8-4 Accidents among the elderly: a psychoanalytical approach.
An analysis, from a psychoanalytical frame, of data produced by the Ministry of Public Health about accidents, according to psychosomatic knowledge about accidents. We studied accidents among the elderly as well as the vital situation generating the same.

8-5 Immunity and the inner world and narcissism
Uruguayan Psychosomatics Society, May 23, 1991 (detailed in a previous section).

8-6 Psychologic aspects associated to the normal memory loss in the elderly.
Ordinary Scientific Meeting of the Uruguayan Association of Geriatricians and Gerontologists, May 11, 1991.
Article prepared from a psychoanalytical standpoint, where we studied the reasons for the normal memory loss in the elderly. The purpose was to make a differential diagnosis related to the memory loss associated to impairment.

8-7 The family of the elderly
First meetings for the Assistance of the Elderly with Memory Loss or Senile Dementia, August 6, 1991.
It studies the different possible roles to be adopted by different members of the family, with reference to the elderly.

8-8 Social violence and the elderly.
15th Uruguayan Psychology Meetings, October 28-31, 1991.
It studies the ways applied by our society in the events of violence towards the elderly.

8-9 Dementia: a way to be and not to be (or) a way of Being
Scientific Meeting of the Uruguayan Psychosomatics Society, November 12, 1993. Psychoanalytical approach to dementia from a psychosomatic standpoint.

8-10 The body of the elderly in current psychoanalysis
11th Uruguayan Psychoanalitic Asosiation. Meeting, September, 1995
Study of the body and psychoanalysis of the elderly, in S. Freud's works.

8-11 Intra-familial violence, focused on the elderly
6th Uruguayan Psychiatry Congress
Study about Intra-familial Violence focused on a clinical case with somatic manifestations.

8-12 A.A.M.I. Normal memory loss in the elderly. Associated Psychological Aspects
Scientific Psychiatry Meetings, October, 1996.
We present psychological aspects associated to normal memory loss and it is differentiated from the pathologic type of memory loss.

8-13 Accidents among the elderly: falls
First Psychogeriatric and Gerontologic Meetings of the South, November, 1996.
Analysis from a psychoanalytical frame of data presented by the Ministry of Public Health and other countries about accidents, according to psychosomatic knowledge on accidents. It is studied the accident of the elderly as well as the vital situation generating the same.

8-14. Immunity, Inner World and Narcissism
Uruguayan Psychosomatic Society, Scientific Meeting, May, 1991.
(It is detailed previously).

8-15 Psychological aspects related to drug addiction
Drug addiction in the child and adolescent.
Internal Meeting of the Armed Forces National Health Direction. Casa Viera. December, 1996.

8-16 Medical Knowledge Iatrogenics
Medicine Department; Updating course.
Armed Forces Central Hospital, 1997.

8-17 "Accidents among the elderly"
Scientific Psychiatry Meetings - October, 1997

8-18 "Falls among the Elderly"
Scientific Psychiatry Meetings - October, 1997


9-1 Acting as Coordinator

9-1-1 Meeting about Toxic Habits - Armed Forces National Health Direction
9-1-2 Geriatrics and Gerontology Congress for the Río de la Plata. September 27-28, 1991.
9-1-3 First Psychogeriatrics and Gerontology Meetings for the South.
9-1-4 24th. International Meetings for the study of hydatid disease.

9-2 Acting as Lecturer
9-2-1 First Gerontology Meetings for Nurses of the Rio de la Plata
9-2-2 3rd. Meetings on Geriatric Therapeutics of the Rio de la Plata.
9-2-3 6th. Meetings on Hydatid disease of the Rio de la Plata
9-2-4 24th International Meetings on Hydatid disease
11th. National Meetings, Updating about Hydatid disease
9-2-5 First Meeting on Psychogeriatrics and Gerontology of Cono Sur.

9-3 Acting as regular representative
9-3-1 Abroad
9-3-1-1 Latin American University Meetings on Geriatrics and Gerontology - Mar del Plata, Argentina.
9-3-1-2 Argentine-Uruguayan Academic Event (University J.F. Kennedy - Buenos Aires, Argentina)
9-3-2 In Uruguay
9-3-2-1 First International Symposium on Aging and Old Age.
9-3-2-2 Symposium "Bio-psychosocial Approach in Perinatology"
9-3-2-3 7th. Latin American Congress in Children Psychiatry.
9-3-2-4 Regional Congress "Sleep and Insomnia", Biologic and Psychopathologic Grounds.
9-3-2-5 Community Geriatrics. Thorough assistance for the Elderly.
9-3-2-6 Meetings for the Rio de la Plata on Geriatric Therapeutics "Advances in the management of hypertension in geriatrics".
9-3-2-7 7th. Meetings for the Rio de la Plata on Geriatric Therapeutics.

10-1 Coordinator-Lecturer
Meetings about toxic habits - National Health Direction - May 4, 1995.

10-2 Moderator
Workshop about toxic habits - National Health Direction - July 21, 1995.

10-3 Coordinator in charge
10-3-1 First workshop for prevention effectors in Toxic Habits and Addictions
National Health Direction - October 9-10-11, 1995
10-3-2 Meeting about "Club of Voluntary Blood Donors in the Armed Forces"
September 30, 1999 - National Health Direction
10-3-3 Awareness meeting for the Health Team on Toxic Habits - in coordination with the National Drug Council, Presidency of the Republic.
November 9, 1999 - National Health Direction.

11-1 The names of the Father
Freudian School in Montevideo, December 24, 1989.
11-2 Management of the Patient with Senile Dementia
Uruguay Geriatric and Gerontology Association, 1989.
11-3 14th Uruguayan Psychology Meeting, August 10-12, 1989
11-4 Meeting about accidents, June 4, 1988
11-5 4th Uruguayan Psychiatry Congress, November, 1989
11-5 A 3rd Meeting about Old Age "Dignity for the Elderly Today", November 10-12, 1984 - Rocha Department Center, Ministry of Public Health
11-6 First Meeting about Geriatrics and Gerontology in Maldonado, November, 1988.
11-7 Conference about Modulation of Monoaminergic Neurotransmission and Sleep in Men - December 1-2, 1989.
11-8 Second Meeting about Geriatrics and Gerontology in Maldonado, October, 1990.
11-9 Different dimensions of Rights and Responsibilities of the Elderly: a trans-disciplinary approach. Center for Gerontologic Studies and Investigations in Uruguay.
11-10 A.U. de P.P. questions about violence. July 31, 1993
11-11 Depression in Medicine- September3, 1993
11-12 Neurosis today. A.P.U. September 24-26, 1993
11-13 Ischemic cardiovascular disease. November, 1993
11-14 Scientific Meetings on Psychiatry. October, 1994
11-15 Updating Meetings in Geriatric subjects. October, 1994
11-16 3rd Updating Meetings at the Armed Forces National Health Direction. "Biological Aspects of addictions: Drug addiction - alcoholism". June, 1994.
11-17 Ischemic cardiovascular disease. November, 1993
11-18 3rd. Meeting on ischemic cardiovascular disease. October, 1994
11-19 Conference: Methodology of clinical investigation. October, 1995
11-20 Late depressions: diagnosis and treatment. August, 1996
11-21 Updating Meetings on Ischemic Cardiac Pathologies in the Elderly. October, 1996.
11-22 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: Ordinary Scientific Meetings.
11-22-1 October 28, 1989.
11-22-2 July 4, 1992
11-22-3 July 30, 1994.
11-23 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "Hip fracture"
11-24 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "Arterial hypertension in the elderly". August, 1997
11-25 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "NEUROMYOPATHIES". May, 1998.
11-26 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "Diabetes in the Elderly". May, 1998.
11-27 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "Pruritus in the Elderly". July, 1998.
11-28 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "Cardiovascular drug therapy in the Elderly".

11-29 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "Multi-dimensional assessment in the Elderly".
11-30 Geriatricians and Gerontologists Association: "Urinary infections"

12-1 Sexuality in the Elderly
12-2 Language and the unconscious
12-3 What Father and Mother do makes me sick
12-4 Symbolization, symbiosis and narcissism in the psychosomatic patient.
12-5 Waiting for the hearse
12-6 How the Uruguayan elderly becomes passive, assuming a rol proposed by society
12-7 Melanie Klein: a schizoparanoid position, a dialectic approach
12-8 Dementia and the psychic structure: a psychoanalytical